Welcome to SharCon Management & Development

With over 30 years in the Hospitality industry, SharCon Management Company has successfully managed Full-Service and Limited-Service hotel properties that have grown and flourished through the ever changing market conditions. Through superior hotel management and sales & marketing strategies we have positioned our hotels to meet all present and future guest demands of the marketplace. Our guests are talking, and we are listening and actively responding via many social media outlets. Our hotels have been awarded the prestigious Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award, Multiple Gold Medals for Quality Assurance and guest satisfaction over multiple years.

As a renowned leader in the hospitality industry, our continued success is strongly grounded in our commitment to our customers and to our employees. Our first priority is always 100% customer satisfaction. Our employees are team players that have been given the resources, training and management support to consistently create a clean, safe, pleasant, customer experience. By creating this experience, we ensure a high rate of customer satisfaction with a high percentage of repeat business. This along with other management procedures allows us to consistently operate highly profitable businesses.